At Avarisource we are dedicated to forming lasting relationships and committed to being a partner you can rely on.

I want to personally thank you and the Avarisource team over the past couple weeks for your support, flexibility, persistence and most of all responsiveness to our needs, sometimes at very short notice. The situation with our other supplier went from bad to worse to apocalyptic pitch black and there’s still some ongoing cleanup that has to be done, but I delivered them notification today that we would no longer be holding a bonded inventory with them effective immediately and turning off the faucet of future orders. There are still a few systems there that we need to use up from the inventory, but moving forward you’ll be getting our HP orders for hardware and care packs and we’ll do our best to provide you a forecast each week based on the snapshot of information we have at the time from our sales team.

Again, thank you to the team for helping us out. A handshake over beers, fried calamari and chili-lime fries is a bond we take very seriously, and we look forward to a long relationship with Avarisource.

Christopher – Software Integrator

Hope you are doing well. We spoke a couple months ago as we were getting ready to kick off our relationship with your company.Since that time we have placed some small orders and we were getting used to how you operate as a company and our direct day to day partnership with Avarisource. Things have gone well, we remain extremely impressed with Avarisource turnaround time, availability and support have been impressive.
Thanks for your support so far, we have a great start to building an excellent partnership.

Carlo – Reseller

I am writing to thank you for the high quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient operational excellence, friendly customer service, and most of all the high level of detail and accountability that you have demonstrated on each of our hardware shipments. I can’t express enough how much having a vendor like Avarisource means to our business. On Friday, April 6th this was extremely evident, where we needed to order some HP Servers and have them sent via courier from your location in San Clemente, CA down to our Corporate Headquarters in San Diego, CA.

We were able to get the HP Servers uploaded with our software over the weekend and shipped to Las Vegas, NV where we will be meeting a very influential customer and setting up a Lab System for them to assess our connected security platform for their next generation DVB Network. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to prioritize this shipment and even coordinate the logistics to get them to us in the same day.

We will continue to recommend your company to other companies and contacts in the future.

Our Operations team could not be more satisfied with your work and we look forward to continuing this relationship and expanding our product offering with the latest and greatest versions of HP Servers.

Scott – Software Integrator

In IT, there will always be mistakes or issues, it’s how quickly you turn-it around. Avarisource delivers time and time again…. That’s all that counts…
Thank you, again

Frank VP – MSP

Apenas esta semana estoy revisando pendientes y no había podido mandarte correo. Me entregaron el sobre que nos enviaste, igualmente estoy muy agradecido contigo y todo tu equipo que siempre nos apoyan y confían en hacer negocios con nosotros, estamos muy contentos de trabajar con Avarisource. =)
Thank you very much for all the effort with the shipment of the products and for the increase of the credit line ..
It is very valuable for us to have Avarisource, it allows us to better serve our clients and solve their requirements. thanks to you and the entire Avarisource team that makes this possible.

Juan Jo – System Integrator

You are so underrated. You’re the man!! Thanks so much for the gift card. I feel bad…I should be sending you gifts. You’re the one that saves my a** with parts and/or knowledge on the daily.

Brian – VAR

A new client was just given FDA approval and is growing exponentially. All systems needed to be on point, but we couldn’t meet one request.  They needed a German keyboard added to a Lenovo laptop.  I spent two days on the phone with all our distributors and not one provided a solution. One conversation with Avarisource and they had a solution within 30 minutes and the necessary parts delivered within a week.

Eric – MSP

Avarisource is more than a vendor they are a partner.

Alex – Back Up Solutions

Our client was down. It was Friday night. We tried finding a hard disk for an old Dell server, but none of our vendors had one. I remembered hearing from someone at AvariSource, but had never done business with them. I emailed them around 11:00 that night. Within an hour I had a response, and the next morning, Saturday, my tech was delivered a compatible hard disk. Truly amazing service! Good luck finding that anywhere but AvariSource!

Jason – MSP

AvariSource has saved us thousands of dollars by providing server, network, and storage hardware at very aggressive pricing. Not only do you get the best pricing from them, but hands down the best service in the industry.


Avarisource simply makes my life easier. Their knowledge, friendly staff, accountably, and alternative solutions enable me to focus more on what matters to me most – My customers.

Rob – MSP