865414-B21 and 830272-B21 HPE Proliant Power Supplies Throw Caution Messages. Why is it happening? What to do about it.

865414-B21 Caution Message

Recently Avarisource has noticed that HPE is in the process of using a newer revision of power supplies while using the original part number identifiers.  Specifically, we are referring to the power supplies used in HPE ProLiant servers.  If you are ordering an 865414-B21 or 830272-B21, it is very likely that even though the packaging will reflect those part numbers what you will actually get is a P38955-B21 or P38997-B21.

These power supplies are functional equivalents and if matching in redundant situations you will not notice any difference.  If you are unfortunate enough to have a mismatched set in your server, you will receive an error indicating that they are miss matched, and you will lose the ability for them to run in High Efficiency Mode and or in Dynamic Power Capping capabilities.

There is no current patches to fix this, you will either need to lose the above mentioned capabilities, or make sure that your power supplies are properly matched.

If you would like to pass this chore onto someone else.  Avarisource would be happy to make this a non-issue for you.

Below is the error message you will see during boot, if you do have miss matched power supplies.

Caution,86,1985,0x000B,Power,0x0015,Power,02/15/2021 02:40:01,148: Mismatched Power Supply Installed ACTION: If running a redundant configuration, be sure that all of the power supplies in the system have the same spare part number and are supported by the server