We have fun at work and like to make funny videos highlighting the challenges many of our customers face that we feel we are very good at solving.   

Take a look at some of the videos we have produced below.


IT professionals know it can take weeks, sometimes months to get all the components needed to configure a server. In this video we poke fun at how long the process can be. Avarisource provides custom configured and tested solutions to our customers in one box in the matter of days, not weeks or months.  Tested solutions come one time in one box.


Our customer tell us that their previous distributin partners make them feel unimportant, take forever to provide a quote, don’t have their best interest at heart, and offer no help on pricing. With Avarisource, our customers talk with a human right away, we are responsive, employ qualified staff, and in most cases  provide quotes within 24hrs.


We make fun of the typical meeting among IT stakeholders when new hardware is needed.  When everyone involved with a new IT hardware solution can’t get on the same page, Avarisource will source and configure one that will.